Prioritizing Work

One of the hardest parts of developing a highway safety improvement plan is deciding where to start. At all levels of government from the smallest village up to the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), the available funds are exceeded by the needs. Like road surface management, drainage, and everything else a…... Read more

Evaluating Success

After installing a countermeasure, make sure it is working. If you had a history of accidents before the change, compare the accident frequency before the change to the frequency afterwards, and see if it went down. If it did not, look into other countermeasures. You may find unintended consequences. For…... Read more

Selecting a Countermeasure

Understanding what factors are contributing to accidents is the key to countermeasure selection. The countermeasure should be targeted at a particular crash type or contributing factor. The goal is to reduce the number and severity of accidents that occur. There are no cure-alls for safety problems. No countermeasure works for…... Read more

Identifying Causes and Contributing Factors

Identifying the cause of an accident pattern is like putting together pieces of a puzzle. Sometimes the cause of an accident pattern will be obvious. Run-off-road accidents on the outside of a curve, or wet pavement accidents are common examples. Other times, the problem can be subtle. One case involved…... Read more

Information Gathering

The best countermeasure will not work if it is used for the wrong problem. We have to gather the right information to understand the problem to get the best results. Information used in traffic safety studies is usually related to road conditions or traffic characteristics. Condition diagrams Condition diagrams are…... Read more

Identifying and Solving Problems

Because of limited resources, we need to apply the right solution to the right problem on the right road at the right time. This is where problem solving and planning come in. When improving road safety, the first goal is to stop crashes from happening. That is why the emphasis…... Read more

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